Svpetrvs hoteli believes in sustainability in tourism and that is why we are committed to improving the environmental and social practices.

Island of Brač is a real mediterranean paradise with its numerous olive trees, vineyards, cypress and pine trees. Clean beaches and crystal blue sea are something we are very proud of. But we are also aware that we have to focus our efforts on perserving this natural habitat.

Our mission:

  • To raise awareness about environmental issues not only among our employees but also local people and guests.

  • To support the local community;

  • To encourage, support & promote heritage and culture of the island of Brač but also Croatia.

Our actions:

  • Employing and empowering the local staff;

  • Minimize waste and pollution;

  • Conserving natural habitat;

  • Reduce water consumption;

  • Maintain health and safety policies and support all safety programs throughout the hotel;

  • Reduce energy consumption;

  • Purchasing of energy efficient equipment;

  • We grow our own olive trees and produce olive oil for our guests that they can use in our restaurants.